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Asian Youth Competition Bali - Indonesia ( China,Thailand,Singapore,India,Indonesia )

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Flashback Rock climbing Indonesia

harry suliztiarto begin practice climbs at citatah. first pole climbs modern ledge in indonesia.

skygers amateur rock climbing group founded by harry suliztiarto, heri hermanu, deddy blessing, and agus r.

harry suliztiarto climb roof planetarium, park ismail marzuki, jakarta. intentional or not, be first efforts in indonesia to publicizes to climb ledge.

machete ledge at west java for first the time is climbed by team itb. skygers conduct school climbs first force ledge. wanadri be first indonesia team to cartensz pyramide. they fail to achieve top, but success at glorious top and cartensz east. while federation expedition mapala ui and axis team climbs top trikora.

two indonesia expeditions all at once at wall south carstensz: mapala ui and itb. one of the team member mapala ui, hartono basuki, fall here. ascent first victim at cartensz. jayagiri from bandung send danardana follow mountaineer school at glenmore lodge, skotlandia, continued ascent matterhorn at switzerland.

jayagiri send irwanto to ascent school at ism at switzerland, continued expedition 4 person to monte rosa at switzerlands with mont blanc and matterhorn. two expeditions to cartensz: wanadri and pataga jakarta. ahmad from group gideon bandung killed fallen down at ledge 48 citatah. first victim climbs ledge in indonesia

Tebing Lingga in Trenggalek, East Java, and the coastal cliffs at Uluwatu Bali, successfully climbed by a group Skygers and adventurers Children's Association of Surabaya.

ledge serelo at lahat, sumatra south, be climbed baughty child expedition team. expedition mapala ui fail to achieve top chulu west (6584 m) at himalayan. expedition jayagiri fail to climb eiger. other the team, among others don hasman, success climb kilimanjaro (5859 m) at africa.

Exclusive groups combined successfully shin Tebing Bambapuang diselatan South Sulawesi. Group Environment Unit Kenal Univeritas Pajajaran Bandung swarm Lanang Mountain in East Java. The team completed Jayagiri Wall Ponot in waterfall Sigura-gura, North Sumatra. The first rock climbing competition in the world held in the Soviet Union, on the edge of nature, and was displayed by TVRI.

expedition wanadri finish camel stone ledge climbing at borneo west. group trupala climb elephant hill ledge at central java. skygers climb sepikul at east java. several indonesian expeditions is sent out country. mapala ui atop chimborazo (6267 m) and cayambe (fail) at ridges andes

indonesia woman expedition climbs himalayan to imja tse at nepal. expedition jayagiri saddle marathon that consist of mamay s. salim and bambang hertadi mencapal africa highest top, kilimanjaro, with bring bike. this team also climb mount to it at africa and imja tse, without bike. expedition wanadri fail to achieve top vasuki parbat (6792 m) at ghar indians. race climbs first ledge in indonesia is carried out at coast ledge jimbaran, balinese. three members aranyacala and 1 civil student university trisaksi killed killed near ilaga, on the way to cartensz.

wall climbs to make first time introduced in indonesia brought by 4 climber athletes prancis that invited on office agreement menpora with embassy french at jakarta. they also sempat give course short. approach end programme, formed federation climbs mount and indonesia ledge (fptgi), presided at harry suliztiarto. expedition climbs ledge thoroughly carried out by woman, machete daughter expedition aranyacala, climb tower iii machete. the son group climbs twin mount ledge at citeureup, bogor expedition ukl unpad lose one the member, yanto martogi sitanggang, at camel stone, killed fallen down. climb to speed first time done by sandy febyanto and djati pranoto, at tower i am machete, during 4 jam(240 minute). all at once be first big ledge climbing without uses safety device absolutely, both only related string, stripe called '240. race climbs first product ledge is done at bandung take place at a electricity guardhouse. expedition wanadri success laid 3 the climbers at top pumori (7145 m) at himalayan. follow, pair f. hendricus mutter and vera mw from jayagiri climb imja tse, without sherpa. at alpen, expedition jayagiri speed climbing fail to fulfil time target 2 wall climbing days north eiger, elastic be 5 days. while expedition from pataga jakarta success creat new track at wall same. at yosemite axis, sandy febyanto and djati pranoto climb ledge half dome (fail to break retor john bachar and peter croft, 4,5 clock)s and el capitan (fail to break record 10,5 clock)s.

beginning year world climbs indonesia ledge bows bumped into calamity, died it one of the indonesia best climber, sandy febyanto, fall at ledge pawon, citatah.

but not long, the late spirit likely exactly scattered to all corner, spur on accomplishment printing climbs ledge under the sun this bation. team climbs ledge yogyakrta / tpty do expedition to wall north carstensz but fail to achieve top according to merect, but normal stripe carstensz success. return area citeureup at visit team aranyacala, this ledge rungking.

team young pioneer from unlucky climb elephant ledge. then team jayagiri in the preparation to lhotse shar at nepal, mematok target climbed all ledges tip of a leafs around crater kelud a while ago, but fail. expedition lhotse shar itself cancels to leave. ledge uluwatu mempanjat second daughter expedition, from mahitala unpar.

university cloud group umanegara do expedition marathon climb ledge, beruntun at ledges citatah, machete, elephant mungkur, and end at uluwatu, during almost a month, marathon climb first ledge in indonesia. daughter expedition lipstick aranyacala he is bambapuang, but calamity befalls before success achieve top.

ali irfan coal, team photographer, killed slip from height. year this is recorded not less than ten championships climbs wall is conducted in indonesia. several big among others at university parahyangan bandung, university trisakti jakarta, istn jakarta, at quarters kopassus my group attacks, twice by trupala sma-6 (at convention hall and ancol), then sma 70 bulungan jakarta, group kapa ft ul, geology itb.

mapala ul make 2 expeditions, mount cook (3764 m) at selandia new and top mckinley (6149 m) at alaska. four members wanadri follow ice mountaineering course at rainier mountaineering institute at axis, continued with joint forces with axis expedition to kangchenjunga at himalayan.

at alpen, woman expedition alpen indonesia success also finish the mission, climb 5 highest tops at 5 europe countries, mont blanc (4807m, french), grand paradiso (4601 m, italian), marts rosa (4634 m, switzerland), grossgiockner (3978 m, austrian) and zugsptee (2964 m, german west). year-end this closed with mind blow cahyono (tramp indonesia) does single climbing at tower iii machete ledge. artificial single climbing in big wall first in indonesia.

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hear word rock climbing (climb ledge), we like to introduced at one particular new sport kind. Really we have not known? perhaps we still to remember tender age formerly, how does the happy we play, climb wall, trees, or big stones, where we not think risk fall and wounded, existing happy taste. actually activity rock climbing not far from that, only this us choose certain field with has thought the risk.

basically rock climbing part from mountaineering (activity climbs mount, a adventures trip to tall places), only here we face hindrance that passed, mountaineering divisible be: hill walking, rock climbing and ice/snow climbing. hill walking be trip usually pass by series forest and hilly with have a supply map/compass erudition and survival. foot strength is successful primary factor a trip. to rock climbing, field that faced shaped hilly or where need hand aid to watch over body balance or for height increase. ice/snow climbing much the same to as does with rock climbing, but field that faced hilly or ice/snow ledge. special. with distinguish region or

sometimes will emerge question in we, like this: why rise mount? george l. mallory (english climber) answer this question with says, because it’s there. . there? a lofty climber, reinhold messner say: the mountains tell you, quite ruthlessly, who are you acres, and what you acres. mountaineering is a game where are you can’t cheat. . . , more than that, what’s important is your is determination cool nerves, and knowing how to make the right choice. then question other, what do you get at sport like this taste, and perhaps a little egoist.
and perhaps a little egoist. all comfort at the (time) of we finish a difficult field ours self, there is no loud cheering, even less kalungan medal. on the contrary, accident existence in a ascent because ourselves neglect, less be careful and less calculate self ability. many climbers that do to go down ledge (rappeling / abseiling) with jump and very fast, this is very dangerous. for us, best consider activity climbs ledge as hobby, like another hobbies. as description can we correct reading word walter bonatti, a old climber from italian, moment melakukakn single ascent in hair-raising wall at switzerland. when is he facing difficulty passing by overhang (wall hanging with slope > 90 degree)s, a aeroplane mengitari apparently look for it. aeroplane presence depresses the solitary: “ who says that them see me? , i think and felt that aeroplane part from me, now leave and tear my heart. i begin aware that i more like if found absolute loneliness. all that happen in a short time a while ago as if be effort ended to connect myself with life didn't has meaning again for me. that aeroplane gyrates then leave myself likes to die. ”

final, let us try more know to climb that taste ledge. in this article, only limited to discussion climbs ledge, without lessen other, hill walking and ice/snow climbing.

  • Classification Rock climbing

in climb ledge found 2 discrimination classifications, that is:

1. first discrimination between free climbing with artificial climbing. free climbing a where the height increase climber by using th ability, not constructively tool. in free climbing, tool is used only limit of password, not as a means of for height increase. the difference with artificial climbing, where tool besides used as password, also functioned for height increase.

2. second discrimination between sport climbing with adventure climbing. sport climbing a climbing more emphasized in the sport factor. in sport climbing, climbing is looked at as does other sport, that is to watch over well-being. while in adventure climbing, emphasized more in the adventures value.

  • Class and grade in Rock climbing

like in another sport, athlete somebody measurable the ability at one particular match level. chess player with elorating under 2000 will not follow level tournament gand master. in climb ledge found ledge classification based on the difficulty level, thereby we can measures to reach which our ability. class that made by sierra club:

class 1: cross country hiking
trip usually without want hand aid to climb / height increase.

class 2: scrambling
a little constructively hand, without string.

class 3: easy climbing
according to scrambling constructively, base technique climbs (climbing) very help, for climber inexperienced can use string.

class 4: rope climbing with belaying
belay (password) installed in anchor (points clinch)s natural or product, functioned as password.

class 5
this class is divided to be 11 stages (5.1 until 5.14), where number excelsior rear number 5, mean ledge difficulty level excelsior. in this class, runners worn as password.

class A
for height increase, climber somebody must use tool. divided to be five stages (a1 until a5). example: in class ledge 5.4 can not be passed by unassisted tool a2, ledge difficulty level is 5.4 - a2.

be ascent technique quantity size that need. difficult route factor and good weather can heavy increase grade be higher. for example, class ledge 5.7 low and close to highway, may be has grade 1(one). distribution grade.

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for student if interested and want to unite with gibbon climbing club can contact numbers here:

O859 3611 8697 A. Dani Hamdani
0818 0532 9964 Indrakarna ( G-tonk )
0817 9750 114 Ibnu ( iben )
0878 6117 1192 Marris Hada
0878 6131 8406 Lucky Z.
08786120 8485 Iman
0817 4768 400 Lietje M.
email :

with rules as follows:

1. extradite fit photo size 3x4 and 4x6 each 2 sheet
2. extradite permit from parents
3. fill enrollment form
4. pay montly subscription per person as big as rp. 100.000, - per month, belong cost:

o practice as much as 8x meeting during 1 month
o sport complete device climbs ledge alongs with instructure and belayer.
5. per class at limit maximal 8 person.

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Profile Gibbon Climbing Club

Gibbon Climbing Club under the auspices of and in coordination with the Indonesian Federation Climbing Management branch of Badung Regency, which was established in April 2008, the Club is a move in the field of training and the basis for the development of human resources through sports climb walls for beginners.

one of [the] activity on the market by gibbon climbing club, progam routine practice, teamwork building, outbound training and others.
as to to support activity prepared various device that fulfil standard elegibility, skilled energies and professional at the area, with various alternative place, both for has permanent also temporary. besides will approach club this will make very tight creation a big family communities will climb wall that has good synergy connection.
as to point of view from gibbon climbing club be one of [the] training centre and sport activity construction climbs beginner wall early on most atraktif and innovative that guide “ introduce sport climbs wall to all balinese society layer elements especially, indonesia or general”.
while mission whom we are nursemaid:

- socialize sporting world with introduce sport activity climbs wall
- comprehension about management and sport activity organization climbs to climb wall
- training that give top priority factor of safety and freshment
- free nature activity identification as preservation way of thinking formation efforts towards environment
- canalize student and marked student and accomplishment to will be a sport athlete will climb wall that will represent naughty regency in so many competition kind that at degree.

as we know with that every has potential latent in self. potential can we are form be matter better effectively and selective.
pass gibbon climbing club potential during the time knowable manifestly and more early for development process towards accomplishment in sport activity climbs wall.
progam we offer among others:

routine practice (twice within a week)

routine practice obligatory activity and must at follow by student and student very subsidize once for erudition progress process and accomplishment.

identification base about device with function especially in sport activity climbs wall, and activity creativity other in general.

will ignore so not pity this one of activity in course of sense of care formation so that will embedded sense of belonging later student and student always will watch over and will take for wholeness from all devices that at will wear in sport activity will climb wall.

identification base about security standard procedure and freshment in course of sport activity climbs wall

proverb says ‘ ready umbrella before rain ‘, this matter absoluteest and obligatory known with the hook very very tight at risk to accident very fatal finally when do we all neglect or doesn't pay attention security standard procedure and freshment in course of sport activity climbs wall.

preserve environment with adventurer style

this activities is activity that see off participation enjoys free nature activity individually, group and or family likes: jungle trekking, adventure mountain, rapling down, rock climbing and the other.

for sport activity climbs this ledge more many uses location outside or at free nature that prepared in such a manner as according to the need. supposed training place environment is positive inspiration for every student and student in finish a existing troubleshoot.

as to several locations whom we recommendate for this activity among others:

wall climbing eiger x-treme store (komplek palace kuta gallery / central parking).

wall climbing kab. naughty, government fire company office kab. naughty (road kunti).

besides location whom we recommendate on, will not close place possibility will accustom with practice kind that be held.

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